Friday, June 2, 2023

Does chiropractic care shorten labor time?



Does chiropractic care ACTUALLY shorten labor time?  

That's a great question!  My answer is PROBABLY!  

During labor your sacrum, the triangular bone at the base of your spine, needs to be able to rock back when the fetal head is going past it.  If it cannot, due to a subluxation in your spine, then the head cannot descend.  Which can cause a longer labor.  SO if you are regularly adjusted during your pregnancy then your sacrum is less likely to be stuck in a non-moving position.  THIS is why I can say that chiropractic care can shorten labor time.  Getting regular adjustments throughout your pregnancy is such a wonderful way to reduce discomfort, potentially shorten labor time, and have regular check in points with someone educated in prenatal care to ask your questions.   

If you have any questions, please feel free to respond to this email!  

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Prenatal Comlete

These prenatal vitamins come in a pack of the prenatal multivitamin and a daily fish oil.  They come in individual packets so that you don't have to open a bottle of stinky vitamins when your stomach is doing flip flops. ;) 

OrthoMega 820

These are the amazing Fish Oils that we sell in the office.  They do NOT have any fishy taste to them.  If you bite into the capsule and just swallow the liquid it tastes like a lemony olive oil.  GREAT for decreasing inflammation! 

Friday, May 26, 2023

Adult Massage



How often do you get a massage?  Just like chiropractic care you might need more massages closer together in the beginning of care, and when you are in the maintenance care once per month is the norm.  

Is it necessary?   I would put massage and chiropractic adjustments as my top 2 self care visits per month.  Your body is the only one you get in this lifetime.  I would do what you need to do to keep it moving optimally.  

When should I get one (before or after an adjustment)?  I don't feel it matters which way I get these bodyworks done, but I always make sure I get adjusted when I get a massage.  If your body is protecting a subluxation and you don't take care of the subluxation then your body will get too loose in an area that needs protecting and you can feel much more sore after a massage.  

What type of massage do you need?  I would highly recommend a therapeutic massage vs a relaxation massage when you are trying to treat issues in your body.  

Water Intake

Water is one of the most important things you can give yourself daily.  On average you should consume half your body weight in ounces.  If you weight 200 pounds that is 100 ounces.  You can get some of it in your foods.  Fruits are high in water content.  

Moist Heat Pack

Sometimes after a massage you can have some soreness.  My top two suggestions for reducing soreness is to drink extra water, and use a moist hot pack.

Friday, May 19, 2023

Infant Massage


Infant Massage

Massaging an infant is good for the baby and the one giving the massage.  Babies NEED touch.  They THRIVE with touch.  Studies have shown that when a baby is neglected of touch it causes failure to thrive.  

There are so many ways you can massage a baby.  I would highly recommend light touch to start and work to medium light if the baby seems to be enjoying it.  You can start at their feet and work your way up their legs.  Then massage the belly in a clockwise circle.  This will help with bowel elimination and gas issues.  

The best time to massage a baby is during the non-fussy times of the day.  For most that can be right after a bath which is a perfect time to get oils on the baby's skin too.  

Have fun interacting with your sweet babies.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be an excellent source for oil during your infant massage.  (There are rare times when someone can be allergic to coconut oil so test in a small area before you try all over the body)

Essential oils

You can add some essential oils to your coconut oil to make the massage even more relaxing or to help stimulate things such as a bowel movement.  If you are not sure which are safe or not please contact Dr. Felicia and she can help!  She sells DoTerra essential oils at the office.

Friday, May 12, 2023




Yoga and I have a love/hate relationship.  I don't get excited to do yoga, but once it's over I feel great.  Do you feel the same way about yoga?  Do you feel like you have to be uber flexible to do it?  Are you intimidated to be in groups while doing practicing yoga?  I had ALL the same questions.  

What I do know is that yoga can be an excellent, low impact way to exercise.  It will strengthen and stretch muscles you didn't realize you had.  ;)

I absolutely love doing yoga at home.  All you need is a mat and way to access YouTube.  And it's free.  It's also fun to do with your kids.  

Yoga by Adriene

If you've never heard of Yoga by Adriene you are MISSING OUT!  She has some AMAZING 30 day challenges and she is always adding to her collection.   She is so relaxing to listen to and she is great for all skill levels.  You can access her HERE.   I have done many of her challenges and always feel a huge improvement by the end of each one.  If you are a dog lover you're gonna love Benji.  

Prenatal Yoga

Gail Tully from Spinning Babies and Sarah Longacre from Blooma Yoga have done a very fun video for Prenatal Yoga.  You can purchase a digital copy HERE or you can purchase a CD of it at my office for $10 plus tax.  These two women have been a HUGE asset to prenatal care and BOTH are from the Twin Cities area.  How lucky are we?

Friday, May 5, 2023

Tummy time!


Tummy Time

Tummy time is crucial for infant spinal curvature development.  When a baby is on their tummy it forces them to lift their head which promotes their cervical (neck) curvature.  Then when they are strong enough they are able to push up their upper half of their body and develop their lumbar (lower back) curvature.   The curves in your spine are SOOOO important.  They are the shock absorption for your spine.  

Tummy time is also crucial for many brain functions.  I could go on and on about how important it is.  I will just list a few of my favorite reasons why: 

1. Curvature development
2.  Horizontal eye tracking
3.  Muscle development for crawling  
4.  Hind brain development

baby bare

This book written by Stephanie Johnson is one of the BEST books for new parents.  It would be an excellent gift to any expecting mom.  The book goes into great detail the developmental stages of infants and how to do SIMPLE things to encourage better curvature and brain development.  It is easy to read and so knowledgeable.  To order or check out her website you can click HERE

Cervical curves

Our cervical curve is so important.  When we jut our heads forward (forward head carriage) we slowly lose our cervical curve.  It also requires our neck and upper back muscles to continuously carry our heavy head.  It would be like carrying a bowling ball with our outstretched arms instead of up close to our body.  It is SOOOO much work and a major cause of tension headaches.

Friday, April 28, 2023




A subluxation is just a big fancy word for a joint that isn't in its optimal position and isn't moving the way it was designed to move.  Chiropractors adjust subluxations to help restore motion and optimal positioning.  When you have a subluxation in your spine it can put pressure on your VERY important nerves.  Those nerves when free of interference work more optimally and they innervate all of your organs.  Then your organs work better!  Who wouldn't want that? 

Getting regular chiropractic adjustments is the best way to ensure your nerves are working optimally.  

#1 cause of Subluxation

Believe it or not, the #1 cause of subluxation is EMOTIONAL stress followed by chemical and physical stress.  What can you do to help eliminate emotional stress in your life?  


EVERY member of your family can benefit from chiropractic adjustments.  Dr. Felicia is trained and has TONS of experience working on infants, toddlers, children, pregnant women, and all other family members.  

Friday, April 14, 2023




Did you know that eggs are GOOD for you?  For so many years eggs got a bad wrap because we assumed that eating eggs would increase the cholesterol in your body.  It is simply not true.  Egg whites actually have an enzyme called lysozyme.  It serves as an antimicrobial agent in foods.  Which means it breaks down and destroys bacteria.  Isn't that AMAZING!  Not only are the egg whites good for you but egg yolks are rich in folate and vitamin B12. Egg yolks contain the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthine, which help protect the eyes from age-related macular degeneration. The yolk is also high in tryptophan and tyrosine, and amino acids that help prevent heart disease. Soooo feel free to eat eggs.  They are an excellent source of protein and many other nutrients.   

How do you like your eggs done?   

Deviled Eggs

If you would like an easy recipe to deviled eggs click HERE.  My kids LOVE deviled eggs and they are a quick way to eat up all the hard boiled eggs in our house.  

Hard Boiled Eggs 

Even though hard boiled eggs SEEMS like an easy recipe it is hard to get them to come out perfectly and easy to peel.  Try THIS RECIPEand let me know how they turned out!