Friday, March 31, 2023

Plantar Fascitits



Plantar fascitis is a tightening of the plantar fascia on the bottom of your feet.  It has a common symptom of pain when you first stand up after sitting or laying down.  It is usually caused by bad shoes with no support or wearing heels.  

Getting your feet adjusted and muscle therapy by Dr. Felicia will help kick start the healing process.  

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Massage Hook

The massage hook in this picture can be used on the bottom of your feet as well.  Dr. Felicia can show you how to use it for your feet in the office.  

Epsom It Lotion

Epsom It Lotion is an Epsom salt infused lotion.  It can be massaged into sore muscles to help with muscle aches and pains. 

Friday, March 24, 2023




Stress is inevitable but there are things you can do to help manage some stress.  When we are stressed we increase our sympathetic nervous system which is commonly known as the "fight or flight response".  If we are constantly in that state of fight or flight then our adrenal glands get exhausted and we start having symptoms such as: migraines, weight gain/loss, ulcers, muscle knots, fatigue, bad moods, etc.  Below I will give you two examples of things you can try to decrease your stress quickly in a stressful situation.    

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Deep Breathing

If you close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths it helps to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) which is the OPPOSITE of our sympathetic nervous system.  When you are PNS dominate you are calmer and your body is able to digest your food, sleep, and it reduces stress on your adrenal glands.  


There are many ways to practice meditation.  You can pray, do yoga, sit and make your mind go blank, use audio cues on YouTube, etc.  Whatever way works best for you or try more than one way.  Our world is a constant noise for your brain.  Let it rest sometimes and be still.  

Friday, March 17, 2023




There are so many activities we do every single day that leaches water OUT of our system.  When we sweat during a workout.  When we breath.  When we eat certain foods.  Little do we realize that when we are drinking liquids we can also be LOSING water because of their diuretic properties.  Alcohol and caffeinated beverages are the worst.  Our body NEEDS water.  So, if you partake in some of these liquids, then you need to make sure you are drinking extra water to replenish what it has lost.  AND NO... the water in caffeinated coffee does not count.   

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Drink Water

Drinking water is one of the most important activities we do during each day.  It is said that you should consume HALF your body weight in ounces per day, and 8 more ounces for every hour you exercise. 
If you find it hard to drink water by itself, spice it up a bit by adding a little bit of juice.  My favorite are cranberry and grape.  They taste yummy super watered down.  I avoid the fake sugar drops that you can add to water.  Stur makes a great natural water enhancer.   

10 Signs of Dehydration

1. Excessive fatigue
2. Dark colored urine
3. Light headedness
4. Increased heart rate
5. Muscle cramps
6. Constipation
7. Dry mouth and lips
8. Headaches
9. Dry Skin
10. Bad breath

Friday, March 10, 2023




Breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding, and most difficult at times, activities that many new moms choose to do.  If you feel you are struggling you are not alone.  I have helped MANY new moms have success with latching.  If your infant is choosing one breast over the other, making clicking sounds when nursing, has excessive gas, or you have pain while nursing I can usually help.  If I can't I have many resources to get you the help you need. 

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Drink Water

Drinking water can help to increase your milk supply.  With every feeding you should drink a whole 8 ounce glass of water.  That can be a GREAT way for a partner to help you be more successful during your breastfeeding experience. 

Twins Nursing

Yes, it is possible to nurse twins successfully.  Sometimes it looks a little different.  If you, or someone you know if having twins and has questions, or wants to have someone encourage them, let me know.  It's a tough road out there and we need more encouragement when things are hard.  

Friday, March 3, 2023

Tension Headaches



Tension headaches are headaches that usually show up at the end of the day, and you feel the pain in her neck and bilateral to your temples and forehead.  They are the most common headache I treat in my office with great results.  They can be uncomfortable but not usually severe.  Many times they are caused by subluxations in your neck (which I treat) and tight muscles.  
If this sounds like you, please, please, please schedule an appointment.  You don't need to feel this way.  Although it is common, it is NOT normal

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Massage Hook

You can use your very own massage hook to massage the tension out of your upper back, shoulders and neck to help release the tension that causes some headaches.    

Moist Heat Pack

Moist heat can be VERY soothing for tension headaches.  We ALWAYS want to use moist heat because it helps to keep moisture in your muscles.  Dry muscles cause more pain.  

Friday, February 24, 2023

Breech babies and chiropractic care



Breech means that the fetus is coming butt first in the womb.  Most physicians get really nervous delivering a baby in this position so will do a surgical birth.  Most moms I know are trying to avoid a surgical birth and so hearing that your baby is breech can be scary for them.  
See below two ways Dr. Felicia and others can help assist mothers with breech babies. 

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Webster Technique

In chiropractic we use a technique called the "Webster Technique" to help assist breech babies to make their way head down.  For those of us who have been trained, like Dr. Felicia, it works well for a lot of those women.  

Spinning Babies

Spinning babies website originated here in the Twin Cities by Gail Tully.  She has some amazing tried and true techniques to helping babies rotate to an optimal position.  You can find her website HERE

Friday, February 17, 2023


BED WETTING (aka Nocturnal Enuresis)

Bed wetting is FAR more common in our kids than people talk about.  This is one area that can be a very complicated diagnosis and treatment or can be quite simple.  By the time I see these patients they have usually ruled out all sorts of things, and have tried so many things.  
Chiropractic adjustments, in my office, have helped MANY kids with this issue.  Both boys and girls from 4-16 years of age.  Let me know if you have any questions!  If someone you know is struggling with this in their home please let them know about our office.  

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This product helps to calm your sympathetic nervous system.  Sometimes when we are running stressed all the time it makes it hard to urinate during the day.  It is a liquid and tastes great.  

Reacted Magnesium Powder

This product is so good at helping you get a restful sleep, calming your sympathetic nervous system, and can aid in bowel movements for some.  It is a powder with a great taste. 

Friday, February 10, 2023


EAR INFECTIONS (aka Otitis Media)

There is nothing worse than when you kids are sick.  It's hard not to feel helpless, but I want to give you ideas on things you can do at home. 
When your kids have stuffy noses or ear infections you should:
1. Avoid dairy and sugar.  These will increase mucus production and cause it to thicken.  
2. Get adjusted !  This will help tremendously to get the sinuses and ears to drain.  
3. For ear pain try Mullein Garlic drops in the ears. 
4. Kids: take D-Hist Jr and ViraKid,  Infants: FloraBoost.  
5. Adults: take Sinatrol.  

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ViraKid is a booster of your immune system again viruses.  This works best when taken at first sign of a virus.  

D-Hist Jr

The NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) in this product will thin out mucus which helps the mucus to drain.

Friday, February 3, 2023




Not moving your bowels daily can make you feel so crummy.  Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to constipation because their bowels slow down so they can absorb more nutrients for their growing baby.  That doesn't make it any less miserable.  That is also one of the possible causes for morning sickness.  Ways to help make sure you are going regularly: 
1. Drink more water 
2. Eat LOTS of fibrous vegetables
3. Eat most fruits
4. Avoid foods that thicken feces (for most people) such as bananas, pastas, cheese, etc
5. Get adjusted!  When your system is working properly then it's easier to go.  ;)

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Ready! Set! Go! 

Ready! Set! Go! is the product I offer for children that are constipated.  It is a good tasting liquid that softens the feces and helps with peristalsis of the colon.  These together get things moving. 

Super Aloe 250

Super Aloe 250 is the supplement I prescribe for the occasional issue with constipation in adults.  This supplement works wonders.  (Not to be used by pregnant women.)  

Friday, January 27, 2023



One of the symptoms I see most for infants in my office is a persistent head rotation or Torticollis.  I true torticollis has a rotation and lateral tipping of the head but both persistent  positions can cause major issues with the shape of the infant's skull, issues with eating and swallowing, and comfort in an infant.  
Chiropractic adjustments, and cranial work can, when done together, can help significantly with the restoration of motion and head shape in your infant.  
Next time you see an infant that looks similar to the sweet baby above let them know Chiropractic care can make a difference.  

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Vitamin D3 with K2

Vitamin D, in nature, is best absorbed from the sun.  We are well into the winter months, bundled up and avoiding being outside in the sun.  This supplement is an easy way to make sure you get the Vitamin D that you need. 

Seasonal Depression

I would highly recommend finding fun outdoor activities in the winter time.  It will help to combat the seasonal depression most of us start to feel this time of year.  Get outside.  Play with your kids.  Go for a walk.  Make a snowman.  Ski.  Have fun again!