Friday, February 24, 2023

Breech babies and chiropractic care



Breech means that the fetus is coming butt first in the womb.  Most physicians get really nervous delivering a baby in this position so will do a surgical birth.  Most moms I know are trying to avoid a surgical birth and so hearing that your baby is breech can be scary for them.  
See below two ways Dr. Felicia and others can help assist mothers with breech babies. 

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Webster Technique

In chiropractic we use a technique called the "Webster Technique" to help assist breech babies to make their way head down.  For those of us who have been trained, like Dr. Felicia, it works well for a lot of those women.  

Spinning Babies

Spinning babies website originated here in the Twin Cities by Gail Tully.  She has some amazing tried and true techniques to helping babies rotate to an optimal position.  You can find her website HERE

Friday, February 17, 2023

Bed Wetting


BED WETTING (aka Nocturnal Enuresis)

Bed wetting is FAR more common in our kids than people talk about.  This is one area that can be a very complicated diagnosis and treatment or can be quite simple.  By the time I see these patients they have usually ruled out all sorts of things, and have tried so many things.  
Chiropractic adjustments, in my office, have helped MANY kids with this issue.  Both boys and girls from 4-16 years of age.  Let me know if you have any questions!  If someone you know is struggling with this in their home please let them know about our office.  


This product helps to calm your sympathetic nervous system.  Sometimes when we are running stressed all the time it makes it hard to urinate during the day.  It is a liquid and tastes great.  

Reacted Magnesium Powder

This product is so good at helping you get a restful sleep, calming your sympathetic nervous system, and can aid in bowel movements for some.  It is a powder with a great taste. 

Friday, February 10, 2023


EAR INFECTIONS (aka Otitis Media)

There is nothing worse than when you kids are sick.  It's hard not to feel helpless, but I want to give you ideas on things you can do at home. 
When your kids have stuffy noses or ear infections you should:
1. Avoid dairy and sugar.  These will increase mucus production and cause it to thicken.  
2. Get adjusted !  This will help tremendously to get the sinuses and ears to drain.  
3. For ear pain try Mullein Garlic drops in the ears. 
4. Kids: take D-Hist Jr and ViraKid,  Infants: FloraBoost.  
5. Adults: take Sinatrol.  

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ViraKid is a booster of your immune system again viruses.  This works best when taken at first sign of a virus.  

D-Hist Jr

The NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) in this product will thin out mucus which helps the mucus to drain.

Friday, February 3, 2023




Not moving your bowels daily can make you feel so crummy.  Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to constipation because their bowels slow down so they can absorb more nutrients for their growing baby.  That doesn't make it any less miserable.  That is also one of the possible causes for morning sickness.  Ways to help make sure you are going regularly: 
1. Drink more water 
2. Eat LOTS of fibrous vegetables
3. Eat most fruits
4. Avoid foods that thicken feces (for most people) such as bananas, pastas, cheese, etc
5. Get adjusted!  When your system is working properly then it's easier to go.  ;)

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Ready! Set! Go! 

Ready! Set! Go! is the product I offer for children that are constipated.  It is a good tasting liquid that softens the feces and helps with peristalsis of the colon.  These together get things moving. 

Super Aloe 250

Super Aloe 250 is the supplement I prescribe for the occasional issue with constipation in adults.  This supplement works wonders.  (Not to be used by pregnant women.)