Thursday, April 25, 2013

What is a subluxation?

We Chiropractors like to throw around the term "subluxation". I would like to try and define that for you. Funny thing is some chiropractors may not totally agree with my definition because we, as a profession, cannot totally agree. Anyway, here goes nothing.
A subluxation in the spine is a vertebral misalignment that causes stress on the nerves causing lack of health to the organ or tissue that that nerve innervates. OK. OK. Lots of big words, right? Here is another way of describing it. If you were to have a garden hose running at full speed, but put a stress such as a car tire on the hose what happens? The water cannot get through, right? Similar idea with our nerves. Fortunately subluxations aren't usually as "heavy" as a car, but sometimes it can be.
When our nerves aren't functioning optimally we cannot function optimally. This may do anything from having a lack of immune function to infertility.
So... when you are adjusted to alleviate the subluxations our bodies are able to function more optimally. This allows your body to heal itself. Our bodies were designed to do that very thing so why don't we all decide to allow our bodies to work optimally!!!

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