Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breast Cancer and the power of prayer

My mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in February of 2008. She had a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. She was told that she had a very slim chance of metastasis so she opted not to take the anti-hormone drugs because they made her joints ache, etc...
Last year in about August of 2009 she came up to visit from Milwaukee and was playing Wii bowling and boxing with Allison. She felt that she may have pulled a muscle in her right upper back. She tried going to Chiropractors, etc... but nothing helped. Then she visited in October and got a fever when she was here. She thought maybe it was the H1N1 virus, BUT no one else, including my dad, came down with the same symptoms. A few weeks later she got a fever again. (Mind you, the whole time I felt something was wrong and kept telling my dad he should convince her to go to the doctor.) Anyways, finally she went to her regular doctor and just to be on the safe side they did a bone scan, since she had a history of breast cancer. Her bone scan lit up ALL OVER!! She had cancer in her skull, vertebra, ribs, femur, tibia, etc... It was bad. She was seeing an oncologist at that time that wasn't giving her the time of day literally. She had a scan and he would take over a month to get in to see him, she couldn't get results, etc... By the time some of those patients did they could be gone already. It was a really bad situation. She found out about a much better clinic and started care there. The new oncologist finally did a full body scan to see if the cancer had gone to soft tissue. Her spinal cord sheath lit up like a Christmas tree. The doctor told her that they can try chemo, but her prognosis was 1 month to 1 year at best. He felt that it was just a day away from hitting her brain, which is a really bad thing.
So they started chemo, by injecting it right into her cerbral spinal fluid (CSF). She was getting it once a week at first and then down to twice per month. She started chemo in November or early December.
Since then she has had TWO pulmonary embolisms, several bone fractures, food poisoning and a breast infection. She literally felt like she was dying. BUT never once did she not believe in the power of God and the fact that he has it ALL in control. She wasn't worried about dying because she KNEW without a doubt where she was headed. She had more joy during this whole process then most of us do when we aren't sick. I have witnessed one of the strongest believers I have EVER seen, and have forever been touched by that. Anyways, she has been preaching to anyone who will listen about how you can still live with cancer. You can believe in peace and joy even though it hurts, etc...
She had an MRI last week to see how the chemo is doing in her spinal sheath. She went to review the results with her oncologist yesterday. He sat her down and told her that in ALL his many years as an oncologist he has NEVER seen such a miracle. She had absolutely NO cancer in her spinal sheath. He couldn't find one trace of it anywhere. He kept saying over and over this is a miracle. He could not explain it. He told her that she could live another 30-40 years. She will not EVER need to do chemo again.
She is going to start volunteering and possibly taking a position at the hospital where she had her treatments and witnessing and helping the current cancer patients. She is so on fire for God! What a miracle in and of itself, for someone who was so sick to worship instead of wallow in self pity. God is not done with her here on Earth yet. He has a mission for her, it is obvious, and because of the power of His healing she is given that opportunity.
Thank you to everyone who has been praying for her and our family. I just ask that you continue in those prayers.


  1. That's amazing! Praise the Lord!!! What a wonderful and faithful God we serve!!! 

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