Monday, September 19, 2016

Harvest Time
As the days gradually turn cooler and the leaves begin to suggest the coming shades of red, yellow, and orange, the anticipation of fall settles in. Summer is over, and fall has arrived. With the arrival of fall comes harvest time. And what a beautiful season it is.
All of the nearby farms, orchards, and pumpkin patches are starting to gear up for their busy season. Fruit is ripe and ready for enjoyment. Apple orchards are a family event right now. Farmers markets are in full swing, abundant with their harvests. Pumpkins are ready for all of the fun ways to enjoy them.
I love this time of year. It is the season of abundance, of blessing, and of anticipation. It reminds us that time is predictably marching on in spite of us, and that nature continues to promise a reward for hard work.
And it got me thinking… our health very similar in that respect. Our bodies exist on a physical plane, and when we “sow the seeds of health”, we will reap a “harvest of health.”
If you do the work, you get a reward.
If you eat right, your body will be nourished, and you will reap the reward of energy and proper body functions.
If you get enough sleep, you reap the reward of being rested and energized.
If you get adjusted, you’ll be properly aligned with boosted immune function.
If you get enough Vitamin D, you’ll avoid all manner of diseases.
If you exercise, you’ll reap the reward of bodily balance and strength.
Furthermore, you simply cannot sow poor seeds and gain an opposing harvest from it. When a farmer plants corn, he gets corn. He doesn’t plant corn and expect radishes to grow. Similarly, we cannot “plant seeds” of sickness into our body and expect health. Bodies exist on a physical, natural plane and we can choose to work with the design of our bodies, or against it.
Your choice is your seed. It's as simple as a choice. Which one do you choose?
So enjoy your autumn. Go visit that apple orchard, and while you're there, eat several of them. You’ll reap the harvest of the season, as well as the harvest of health.
Happy Fall!

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