Monday, August 1, 2016

You Can Be Skinny and Unhealthy

Most people take a very superficial look at their body and determine whether it is healthy or not. They look in the mirror, at the scale, and at their pants size and decide if they are in need of physical improvement or not. We all cognitively know that weight is not the sole determining factor in our health, and yet we continue to rely unrealistically heavily on it. Even medical doctors rely heavily on the BMI scale to tell if a person is considered to be healthy. They check blood pressure, pulse, respiration, height and weight, look for presenting symptoms of illness, and decide whether to give you a clean bill of health or not. “Lose a little bit of weight and you’ll be back in balance.”

I’m about to burst your bubble. Ready? Here’s a bit of news for you: You can be skinny and unhealthy. Your BMI, your blood pressure, your pulse, and your respiration are all good things to know, and they can certainly tell you a thing or two about the state of your health. What they cannot tell you, however, are many things that severely affect the way your body functions.

They cannot tell you about the toxicity levels of your fat cells. They cannot tell you about your adrenal function (indeed, there is no medical test to determine the function level of the adrenals). These tests cannot tell you about your heavy metal toxicity or how nourished with iodine your thyroid is. It cannot tell you about the integrity of your gut lining or whether you get enough vitamin D.

Furthermore, you can be skinny - and very fit - yet have high toxicity accumulating in your liver. Or people with perfectly healthy BMI’s, good blood pressure, and regular pulses can have severe leaky gut and not know it.

Let’s reorient our definition of health. When you focus on being fully healthy - truly healthy - your weight will come down as a result of good decisions. Do a detox twice a year. Get adjusted. Take proper amounts of iodine. Get some sunshine every day. Eat a plant based diet.

Yes your blood pressure will come into balance and your pulse will regulate. On top of that, you’ll be healthier.

And as an added bonus, you’ll likely lose weight as you pursue health. 

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