Friday, February 24, 2023

Breech babies and chiropractic care



Breech means that the fetus is coming butt first in the womb.  Most physicians get really nervous delivering a baby in this position so will do a surgical birth.  Most moms I know are trying to avoid a surgical birth and so hearing that your baby is breech can be scary for them.  
See below two ways Dr. Felicia and others can help assist mothers with breech babies. 

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Webster Technique

In chiropractic we use a technique called the "Webster Technique" to help assist breech babies to make their way head down.  For those of us who have been trained, like Dr. Felicia, it works well for a lot of those women.  

Spinning Babies

Spinning babies website originated here in the Twin Cities by Gail Tully.  She has some amazing tried and true techniques to helping babies rotate to an optimal position.  You can find her website HERE

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