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Not moving your bowels daily can make you feel so crummy.  Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to constipation because their bowels slow down so they can absorb more nutrients for their growing baby.  That doesn't make it any less miserable.  That is also one of the possible causes for morning sickness.  Ways to help make sure you are going regularly: 
1. Drink more water 
2. Eat LOTS of fibrous vegetables
3. Eat most fruits
4. Avoid foods that thicken feces (for most people) such as bananas, pastas, cheese, etc
5. Get adjusted!  When your system is working properly then it's easier to go.  ;)

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Ready! Set! Go! 

Ready! Set! Go! is the product I offer for children that are constipated.  It is a good tasting liquid that softens the feces and helps with peristalsis of the colon.  These together get things moving. 

Super Aloe 250

Super Aloe 250 is the supplement I prescribe for the occasional issue with constipation in adults.  This supplement works wonders.  (Not to be used by pregnant women.)  

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