Friday, May 5, 2023

Tummy time!


Tummy Time

Tummy time is crucial for infant spinal curvature development.  When a baby is on their tummy it forces them to lift their head which promotes their cervical (neck) curvature.  Then when they are strong enough they are able to push up their upper half of their body and develop their lumbar (lower back) curvature.   The curves in your spine are SOOOO important.  They are the shock absorption for your spine.  

Tummy time is also crucial for many brain functions.  I could go on and on about how important it is.  I will just list a few of my favorite reasons why: 

1. Curvature development
2.  Horizontal eye tracking
3.  Muscle development for crawling  
4.  Hind brain development

baby bare

This book written by Stephanie Johnson is one of the BEST books for new parents.  It would be an excellent gift to any expecting mom.  The book goes into great detail the developmental stages of infants and how to do SIMPLE things to encourage better curvature and brain development.  It is easy to read and so knowledgeable.  To order or check out her website you can click HERE

Cervical curves

Our cervical curve is so important.  When we jut our heads forward (forward head carriage) we slowly lose our cervical curve.  It also requires our neck and upper back muscles to continuously carry our heavy head.  It would be like carrying a bowling ball with our outstretched arms instead of up close to our body.  It is SOOOO much work and a major cause of tension headaches.

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