Friday, July 7, 2023



Can exercise be fun and enjoyable? 

The answer to the question "Can exercise be fun and enjoyable?" is a DEPENDS!  It depends on a few things.  
1. Your mindset:  If you have a positive mindset around the idea of exercise it definitely helps.  If you decide it is a stress reliever for you, then it will be. If you find "exercise" in all the things you do, for example leisure walks, geocaching, yoga, running around after your kids, etc.  
2. Your activity:  Have you found something that you love to do?  Do you like variety?  Do you like solo exercise or groups?  Do you like running, biking, swimming, yoga, hiking, volleyball, basketball, etc... 
3. Your accountability:  Do you have someone that you share your exercise journey with?  Either exercising together or keeping someone informed of your progress.  Nowadays there are fun apps that you can compete with friends with your steps or time etc.  
4.  Your priority:  If you make exercise a priority, and something that you do no matter what you start to feel better over time.  Your soreness changes.  Most people quit in the early weeks of exercise because of the soreness they get at going too hard too fast.  I challenge you to keep it up a little longer and you might change your mind.  

Warm Up! 

Before you do any form of exercise you should start with a warm up.  For long distance runners that can be the first few miles or minutes of your run done at a slower rate and then stop to stretch a little before you kick it up a notch.  If you are warming up to rake/shovel, play a kickball game with your kids, etc. just running in a place or doing 20 jumping jacks and stretching can go a LONG way.  This helps your muscle warm up and your are much less likely to injure yourself. 

Cool Down

The cool down is the time AFTER your exercise that allows your heart rate to come back to normal.  It is usually a slower version of what you were just doing with a stretch after the heart rate is in the more "normal" range and your breathing slows.  Some runners walk another 5 minutes or so after their run to achieve this.  Allowing your heart rate to slow down naturally and less abruptly is so much better for you.   Then STRETCH!  Flexibility is so important too! 

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