Friday, July 14, 2023

What is a Subluxation?


What is a subluxation? 

Subluxations are something a chiropractor looks for in ANY joint in your body.  It simply is a joint that has abnormal motion and is usually in an abnormal position.  

When a vertebra (spinal bone) is subluxated it can cause your nerves to work less optimally.  Those amazing nerves innervate every area of your body.  They are SUPER important.  We want those nerves to work at their full potential. 

That is what chiropractors do that is so unique.  They adjust your spine, so your vertebra can move, then allowing your nerves to work more optimally.  That is the coolest part of my job in a nutshell.  

Symptoms of a Subluxation

1.  Pain:  That is a discomfort whether you are touching it or not.  It can happen constantly, with certain movements, when sitting or standing, etc.  
2. Tenderness:  This is pain with touch or pressure.  
3. Muscle spasm:  Tightness in your muscles, knots, cramps etc. 
4. Swelling:  Puffiness in the area
5. Redness/ heat: Slight redness, warm to the touch area, pimple forming
6. Nothing: Believe it or not MANY subluxations have no pain at all.  THIS is why it is SO important to see your trained chiropractor for regular adjustments.  Sometimes your body ignores issues because it is used to you not "fixing" it anyways.  Sometimes the subluxation is in an early or small stage.  Sometimes it is a subluxation that is in the later stages of treatment.  Pain can be an indicator, but it isn't always present.  

What is an adjustment?  

Simply...  it is a chiropractic manipulation of a joint that helps restore motion and correct the position.  

Motion is so important in your body.  When your body isn't in motion (whole body, or part of the body) you age quickly.  (Ex: vertebrae that lose motion will end of with degenerative changes after a while.)  

The body definitely needs more than one reminder of its role and that is why it usually takes more than one adjustment to restore motion in a joint.  

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