Friday, July 21, 2023

Why would I adjust a baby?


Why would I adjust a baby?   

Babies are smaller but still have a spine and joints.  They have that same spine their ENTIRE life.  Why would we want them to have a subluxation when we can fix it so easily?  
Babies are subject to in-uterine constraint (tight quarters inside mom), the birth process (either vaginal or surgical), their head flopping, car seats, siblings, falls, etc.  
They have a beautiful working spine that needs the same tender care we give ourselves as adults (if not better).  
Fortunately, they usually respond very quickly to care.  

15 Signs or Symptoms that your baby might need a chiropractor
(They can have one or MANY of these)

1.  Persistent head rotation or tip/ Torticollis
2.  Difficulties nursing or bottle feeding
3.  Reflux
4.  Colic
5.  Gas issues
6.  "Angry" babies (balled up and fussy)
7. Long labors
8. Multiple birth (twins, triplets, etc)
9. Surgical birth
10. Excessive crying
11. Not sleeping well
12. Frequent illness (ex ear infections)
13. Tongue/lip tie or revision
14. Breech birth
15. Excessive spitting up

Infant adjustment 

The adjustment of a baby uses a VERY GENTLE but PRECISE touch.  I always explain to my new patient's parents that all I am doing is palpating up their spine until I find a vertebra that isn't moving.  Then I apply light pressure or sometimes a little vibration until the vertebra is moving.  It is so gentle.  Period. 
I have adjusted hundreds of babies and had SO MUCH success with helping babies.  There is nothing better than helping parents have a calmer baby to take care of.

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